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Having Friends Over


We invited some friends over for dinner, and we’re all out in the living room drinking and talking. You get up and head to the kitchen to start making dinner. A couple of our friends ask if you need help with anything, and I tell them we have it all handled. Normally, I wouldn’t object to more help and more time spent with our friends, but I had a better plan in mind. I walk up behind you and briefly press my body into yours as I reach around you for a knife, leaving a kiss on your neck as I step away. I grab a bell pepper and start chopping it up. I reach around you again for the carrots,… Read more

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Road Trip Continued part II

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And so my story continues... So there I am in the bathroom of the hotel with a ragging hard on thinking about cocks, cum, cock sucking wanting desperately to jack off and relieve myself. Then I think about Tom in the other room and how I would love for him to see just how turned on I am and whether he too may be turned on as well. Should I, no, maybe, why not, what do I have to lose? I tell myself, it's now or never. I strip naked and step to the door ready to show Tom my hard cock and let him know I am available to do whatever he may like to do with me or let me do to him. I open the door an… Read more

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Natalie heaven sex story’s cheating with the taxi

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Natalie heaven sex story’s cheating with the taxi driver and anyone who wanted me Hello everone it’s natalie hear agein with a nother sex story off my my real life experiences This story is about me cheating on one off my boyfriends or fuck buddy with the taxi driver and then telling my boyfriend to lick the taxi drivers cum out my ass and anyone else who wanted me This story take place meny years go was 23 at the time I was 22 when I meet ( F ) For story purposes boyfriend name is ( F ) and taxi drivers name is ( S ) lol well I didn’t really get his name but for story we jus… Read more

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hot summers night

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Not very good at stories but here goes, sorry if its boring This really is a true story. We were living in Kent at this time, bored on a hot summers day when we decided to catch a train to London and go visit a pub we used to drink in. We got their quite early about 12 noon and the place was already very busy. We knew most of the people so very quickly we were chatting some of them. Throughout the day we had a enjoyable time moving around a packed bar and having drinks and joints with some of them. Jo seemed have different guys around her all the time,(which is understandable as she, being a… Read more

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Treat it like your own home (part 2)


Perhaps it was the full morning of working hard around the pool in the summer sun. Maybe it was the combintation of an adrenaline rush and sexual climax brought on by fucking the naughty, older wife of my wealthy landlord in their marriage bed while he was away. Or the comfort of that bed, nicer than any I had ever been in, with a woman who was nearly 20 years my senior with her nude body pressed against mine. But I fell asleep beside her there with my cock exposed and resting on my stomach. I woke up from what I thought was a wet dream with the scent of sweat and sex on the sheets. The cloc… Read more

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A Mother's Secret

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[ A story idea suggested by my friend Robert Enjoy! ] Is it wrong to be pleasantly surprised to discover that your mother has a secret sex life? Either way, I was very surprised to discover that though she and my step-dad have been married for quite a long time, that she's been up to some very interesting experiences; and not with my step-dad! She'd left her phone out on the kitchen counter and went outside, and while she was there, for some reason, I found myself picking it up and taking her camera icon, up popped a partially nude picture of her. She was smiling into the camera. But she wa… Read more

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Letter to my wife's ex boyfriend


Hi Tony, I'm Jenny's husband. She told me that you used to go out with her at school. Did you get your fingers into her cunt when you were on your own. I bet you liked to slide your hand up her leg, under her skirt and into her knickers. Then let your fingers rub her cunt lips until she started to get wet, so you could slip one then two fingers inside her. I bet she liked to stroke your hard cock and then kiss the end of it before letting it all go into her mouth so she could suck you off. Do you lay in bed wanking now thinking about those days and wish you could do it again. Well you can. Ask… Read more

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My Wife sells My Ass Gay

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It was our Friday poker night and we’d been playing for about 3 hours. Tonight we all seemed to be getting bored with the same old thing. When everybody got up from the table for a stretch, Mark jokingly suggested that we should play strip poker. "Sure," said Tom, even though there were only guys in the house. "You’re k**ding," I said. "What, you got something to hide?" Tom said. So all five of us sat around the kitchen table and started playing strip poker. Only the loser had to remove a piece of clothing. Before we started, everyone had removed their socks and shoes. The play was going pre… Read more

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Down the Dogging Site: Part 2

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Me and Bob became good friends, we weren't a couple more fuck and cruising buddies mainly at the forest near to where he lived. I stayed over the night when we first met and Bob really did have an appetite for anal sex, by the morning he'd fucked me four times and for a man of his age (53) I thought that was pretty good going. We got up the next morning and went out for breakfast around about 10ish, he planned on going back to the dogging area afterwards, I asked him if I could join him, that's when whole cruising buddies kicked in. Bob explained that he never picks anyone up down there apar… Read more

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Friends to Lovers

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Oh, I'm just so nervous!" Rachel shouted to Monica from inside the shower. Monica was sitting on the toilet with the lid down, working on a TV guide crossword puzzle (addressed to Ms. Chanandler Bong".) "Sweetie, you're only going to a movie. There's nothing to be nervous about. You've been doing this since high school." "I know, but I really like him. What if he doesn't like me? What if he thinks I'm too... Oh, I don't know... too fragrant?" "If men didn't like the smell of perfume, they wouldn't buy it for us. 'Jovovich of RESIDENT EVIL' 5 letters, ends in A." "Milla. I'm just going to s… Read more

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Comforting My Widowed Not Mom

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Comforting My Widowed “Not” Mom Hey fellow pervs and pervettes. For the sake of hoping to get this accepted and published I used the tiring “Not Mom” saying. For the story she will be referred to as “She Her Her’s” and my “Not Dad” will be referred to as “He Him His” A little information for the setting of the story. This happened a month after His passing. My and I had all been present near the end and through the funeral. I decided to leave shortly after the return later to help after others went about their way and She would likely feel lonely and alone. I had a month of vacation… Read more

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My New Family. Angie's Grades.

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The year had passed really quickly living with my new foster family. Tom and Donna had been the best parents i had ever had, and got me working so hard on my future thanks to their little treats of encouragement, and Angie was the best foster sister i had ever had as well. So, when it finally came to exam time i was full of encouragement, and even though they were tough, i felt i had done well. Then the long wait came, it would be weeks before we finally get our results and would see how well we really had done, but that soon passed too, and one morning as i came down for breakfast there was a… Read more

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Sissy Experience - Episode 4: Fucked by Uncle Sam

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Hey All, Hope you are well!! If you haven’t read my previous episode I recommend checking it out. Uncle Sam spanked my ass very hard and then took my pyjamas off. Now I was in my mini skirt and power puff girls panties underneath. I look at him and I could see the lust in his eyes. He stood up leaving me on the couch and started to take his pants off. There was big bulge in his undies. Then he came closer to me and brought his dick near my face and pulled his undies down slowly. Suddenly it popped out and slapped my face. It was hard (not the biggest one but it looked pretty thick). He the… Read more

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The Enabler

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When I was back Living at College I went to a State University. During the day it was a fairly mixed school but at night black students greatly outnumbered the white students especially the boys who were mostly on athletic scholarship’s. I was friends with a really hot white girl named Mary who also lived on campus. I was her emotional tampon for the whole first semester. She had a boyfriend on campus Wayne who was black and who was fucking a lot of other white girls. Mary didn’t seem to mind as long as she got her turn. She said that she had her share of white boys in high school but that all… Read more

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CHAPTER 13: AFTERNOON WITH MOM The next morning I am completely sluggish. The week caught up to me. Wonderfully, but still with the three dogs and a loving husband/Master every day and then both Tim and Mr. R last night with all that drinking … yeah, sluggish is a good word for me. As I walked naked through the house to the kitchen for coffee and something to put into my stomach, I grab my cell phone and manage to get everything out onto the patio. I sip my coffee and pick at the muffin as I think abo… Read more

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CHAPTER 12B: RE-NEWED BEGINNINGS - EVENING WITH CARLOS When Tim and I arrive at the club, I am stunned. I never knew about this place. It is very nice. Tim drives up and stops outside the main entry. A young man comes up to open my door and then park the car. My heart skips a moment because I know what he will see when I move to step out of the car. He opens the door and offers a hand. I take it and he is focused on me. I swing both legs out together but as I shift forward to get out, my dress is pul… Read more

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Cock Watcher Turns Gay

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I don't know when it all started, my loving to look at men's cocks. It probably started out of curiosity to see if other men's cocks were bigger than mine. I have over seven inches of man-meat swinging between my legs so I am not ashamed of what I have, it was just I liked to see what the other guy was packing. But just catching glimpses of cocks in restrooms or showers at the gym was not enough. I wanted to see how big they were hard. So I moved my watching to adult theaters. I would set in the balcony so I could look down on the seats below. I was never very interest in the girly movies, I… Read more

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Beautiful Trap 4: Inside Hannah

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I woke up about two hours earlier than normal and fucked my wife. I wanted to have as much time for my balls to refill before Jen and Hannah came over. I wasn’t sure which one I would get it be inside first, but they deserved as much seed as I could give them. Many hours later I opened the door to find Jen and Hannah standing on my porch. Jen was so cute in loose jeans and a tshirt with her hair up under a baseball cap and her glasses on. It was her boyish look, but she was more like a hot chick who didn’t want to try to be pretty but ended up being seriously hot. It was when I saw Hannah tha… Read more

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My 6 Month Affair with a 72 year old - Real Story


Intro I read some stories here and they were very interesting only if they were real. That gives me the idea coz i have plenty of real ones from my own experiences which can help readers to feel good. So wanna hear one ? Stop wanking at the picture & continue reading Well it's not a big secret that i am Xhamster verified if you didn't realize, that i have a high sex drive with much will to express it. I have had plenty of partners before even though i am a happily married mom now although i do keep a… Read more

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Turned Out PT2 Gay

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"At least its private and no one will ever know I was turned out" I tried to console myself after Gabe had made me suck him and a couple of his friends and let them all fuck my ass till their cum ran out my gapped open ass and down my legs. After about a week had passed I thought this fleeting hope of mine might really be true. However, this daydream about my nightmare was not to be. After the episode with Gabe and a couple of his friends making me suck them and letting them fuck me till I could hardly walk I never heard any thing for about a week, but just before I got off from work the nex… Read more

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